FAQ tickertape.org
How do I get rid if the scrolling messages?

Ctrl-click on the message to delete it immediately, or `shift'-click to mark it for deletion once it has scrolled off the screen.

How do I send a message?

Double-click in the scroller (or cmd-1) to make the send window visible, then choose and appropriate group, type your message and hit return.

How do I see who else is around?

Open the presence window - see the Windows menu or use the keyboard shortcut, cmd-2.

I only see my messages - where are the others?

Try sending messages to Chat since there's usually someone lurking around on that channel. Note that most current users are in Australia in the GMT+10 timezone so they may well be asleep.

How do I get news?

Try adding slashdot.org as a news group.

Are there any bots I can chat to?

Normally Alice is around. Talk to her by sending messages prefixed by alice?

Changing colors doesn't work.

Currently, color changes only affect newly arrived messages.

There are bugs.

Report bugs and feature requests to bugzilla