Mac People Review

MacPeople Review, Oct 2002

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by Yoichiro O. ???, Koji Onodera, Keiji Gotou, Atsushi Hayakawa aquatik (phonetic spelling?) freeware Introducing a recommended piece of new software! Did you know this? Newly Arrived Software Collection We have specially selected pieces of software, including 'aquatik' which enables you to read news and chat by using an electronic-bulletin-board-like pallet, 'Sh-Out! My Brain!' which is a clever processor capable of pasting images, and 'RBrower' which can access a FTP server using a finder-like interface. Creator: michael j lawley Installation: Disk Image type It is a piece of software that shows news and messages relevant to certain topics and allows correspondence of messages via a specialized server called 'Elvin.' For chatting, you specify a group and simply type in your message in the 'message' column and hit 'return' to send.  If you want to receive news, select a group from the 'News Group' column under the 'Subscriptions' tab from the Setting menu. Press 'edit' to select a news group.  Next, type in key words in the 'Subject' column and set it up to have news forwarded from the server.  Messages that you receive will be shown in the 'Ticker tape' at the bottom of the monitor screen, running from left to right. (You can set details such as the width of the indicator, the speed of the message flow, and the color.) With this piece of software, you can keep track of correspondence and news.  It is just like an electronic bulletin board. OS X Applicable To send a message, type in your sender name, the address of the group, and your text. You can set details such as the direction and speed of the message scrolls. The 'Ticker tape' (just like an electronic bulletin board) that indicates messages is always shown in the very front of the monitor screen.  You can drag it to move its location. When you select a group of interest and register key words and senders, relevant information will be forwarded to you.