The message send/history window. The padlock can be used to send messages securely.

The new Preferences window -- note the RSS subscriptions.

Subscribing to a News channel. The "Label" field will be used when scrolling messages in preference to the "News Group". This allows you to provide a friendly name for RSS feeds.

Add yourself to presence groups to be notified when other members of the group are online.

The presence window.

Various display preferences.


The (optionally translucent) ticker scroller showing a fancy font.

The (optionally translucent) ticker scroller showing unicode support.

The message send/history window. Columns are movable, but not sortable. Selecting a message updates the group and adds an In-Reply-To reference for threading (see below).

The message send window displaying threaded messages. This is still a work-in-progress; selecting a message doesn't do anything.

Subscription preferences. You can add/delete both chat and news groups.

Display preferences. Adjust colors, translucency, scrolling speed and smoothness, and the width of the scroller window. Also, add a titlebar temporarily to move the scroller to your preferred location.


The (optionally translucent) ticker scroller.

Double-click, then when aquatik is active, the message sending window is automatically visible.
You can resize it so the history disappears (not shown).

All the lovely preferences. (See the Help regarding the titlebar.)


When inactive, you just get the floating (utility) window (1.0alpha1)

When active, the message sending window is automatically visible (1.0alpha1)


A pre-alpha (Carbon) version - note the originally unimaginative name. And what on earth does the Cancel button do?